Quo Vadis? Explorare!

Quo Vadis? Explorare! Quo Vadis? Explorare!
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    art; philosophy; exploration; brussels; moon; cinema; alien; life; aerospace; ethics

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Let us learn about space exploration from an unusual perspective! This series is aimed at space professionals, philosophers, artists, and anyone eager to expand their thinking horizon.

FREE ENTRY BUT REGISTRATION REQUIRED, attendance on facebook is not sufficient to book your seat. Let us know you’re coming at: http://goo.gl/forms/2GegszUT0a

The event will take place on Thursday the 10th of December 2015 at the Creative District, 70 Boulevard Reyers, 1030 Brussels. Free parking on site. Public transport: 800m from Meiser, 300m from Diamant. Free parking on site.

The first talk starts at 19:30 sharp. Be there or be square!


"How I met an Alien... for the Cinema!"
by Jacques Arnould
Philosopher, historian of sciences, and theologian. He is in charge of reflexions related to the ethical, social and cultural dimension of space activities at the French space agency (CNES).

"Blending Art and Science to Advance Humanity into Outer Space"
by Angelo Vermeulen
Belgian visual artist and TED Senior Fellow. His multidisciplinary oeuvre crosses over the boundaries of biology, technology and community. He was crew commander of HI-SEAS, a Mars simulation study on improving the nutritional value of space food, funded by NASA.

"The Moon village: a Challenge for the Arts and Humanities"
by Pr. Bernard Foing
Scientist at the European Space Agency (ESA) and organiser of numerous workshops on the links that can be established between arts and space. He regularly collaborates with the School of Fine Arts of The Hague.

"Aerospace Science, a Philosophical Experience"
by Pr. Olivier Chazot
Head of the aerospace department at the von Karman Institute (VKI). He is well versed in philosophy and will present his views about the role playoff the philosophical dimension in scientific endeavours.

Questions & Answers
With the speakers and the Belgian photographer Stéphanie Roland!


While many professionals of the space sector were originally attracted by the poetry of astronomy or the romanticism of exploration, it is hard to keep the flame of passion alive in the routine of a day-to-day job. Space exploration is indeed a paradoxical activity.

On the one hand, it is often cited as a potential source of answers to our most pressing existential questions: are we alone in the universe? Where do we come from?

On the other hand, it is a highly technological domain that progresses at a rapid pace. The actors of space exploration, and society at large, have very rarely the opportunity to engage in a reflection on what we are actually doing. The evening shall provide us such an opportunity.

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