2nd Stardust Global Virtual Workshop

2nd Stardust Global Virtual Workshop 2nd Stardust Global Virtual Workshop
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    Asteroid, NEO, Space Debris, ADR, SSA

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The 2nd Global Virtual Workshop will address the topics of asteroids and space debris with a focus on the technical aspect of these themes. The workshop is one of a series of events organised by the Stardust training and research network and it is the second of the virtual workshops. This format provides attendees with the opportunity to participate in-person, or virtually via a teleconference connection. To connect to the workshop virtually, only an internet browser will be required.

The University of Southampton is hosting the 2nd Global Virtual Workshop and has been engaged in space debris and near Earth object research for more than two decades. Modelling the space debris environment and identifying suitable mitigation strategies to reduce the space debris population are key areas of interest for the Astronautics Research Group, with respect to space debris. Near Earth object research addresses the impact hazard, its associated consequences as well as how to protect the population on Earth.

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