2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference

2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference
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The international IEEE Aerospace Conference, with AIAA and PHM Society as technical cosponsors, is organized to promote interdisciplinary understanding of aerospace systems, their underlying science and technology, and their application to government and commercial endeavors. The annual, week- long conference, set in a stimulating and thought-provoking environment, is designed for aerospace experts, academics, military personnel, and industry leaders. The 2015 conference is the 36th in the conference series.
What Sets This Conference Apart

High-Quality Papers and Presentations. Each year, a large number of presentations are given by professionals distinguished in their fields and by high-ranking members of the government and military.
Science and Aerospace Frontiers. The plenary sessions feature internationally prominent researchers working on frontiers of science and engineering that may significantly impact the world we live in. Registrants are briefed on cutting-edge technologies emerging from and intersecting with their disciplines.
Multidisciplinary Focus. This is the only general IEEE conference designed to facilitate cross-fertilization of aerospace disciplines and dialogue among members of government, industry, and the academic community.
Exceptional Networking Opportunities. The conference provides extraordinary opportunities for discussions and collaborative dialogue with aerospace pacesetters. Professional exchanges, which often extend years beyond the week-long conference, benefit the participants, their organizational sponsors, industry, and the engineering and scientific professions.
Author Development. The conference provides unusually thorough and supportive paper reviews, relying on expert guidance from senior engineers and scientists and an opportunity for instructive interaction between author and reviewers.
International Participation. The conference attracts a growing number of foreign attendees. Representatives of 27 countries participated in the 2013 conference.
Sequestered Venue. The Yellowstone Conference Center and lodging nestle closely together in the small village of Big Sky, fostering communications and ensuring easy access to all events.

Technical Program

This Call invites papers reporting original work or state-of-the- art reviews that will enhance knowledge of:

Aerospace systems, science and technology
Applications of aerospace systems and technology to military, civilian or commercial endeavors
Systems engineering and management science in the aerospace industry
Government policy that directs or drives aerospace programs, systems and technologies.

Networking Program

The Networking Program provides opportunities for engaging with other conference professionals beyond the technical sessions. Networking events include:

Saturday arrival icebreaker reception
Buffet dinners at four evening meetings

Pre-dinner receptions

Midweek mountainside lunch

Networking “Java Jams” prior to afternoon sessions
Post-session fireside ice cream socials

Friday evening farewell dinner

The costs for these are covered in the registration and guest activity fees.
An extensive activity program is available for guests. Recreation options can be found on the conference website.

Who Should Attend?

This is a conference for Participants. Consider attending if you have a professional interest in aerospace engineering or science and wish to:

Present results and insights from your own work
Interact with colleagues who present papers in your field

Engage with people and ideas across a broad spectrum of aerospace technologies
Understand how your organization might participate in next year’s conference.

Registration Fees
The conference registration fee includes:

Access to all technical sessions
Recreation activities discount
Conference Proceedings
Networking/Social Program:
Saturday night icebreaker reception
Five catered dinner buffets
Mid-week mountainside lunch
Four pre-dinner socials
Four post-session ice cream socials
Hot beverages before morning and afternoon sessions

REGISTRATION FEES (US$) Including Activities & Meals Package

Received by by December 1,2014 after December 1, 2014 January 21, 2015
IEEE/AIAA Members $800.0 $960.0 $1170.0
Non-Member Registration $1025.0 $1250.0 $1440.0
Guests & Junior Engineers $240.0 $260.0 $280.0
(Activities & Meals)
One Day - IEEE/AIAA Members $410.0 $485.0 $585.0
Life Members of the IEEE $515.0 $625.0 $725.0
One-Day Non-Member $505.0 $615.0 $720.0
One-Day Guests $95.0 $105.0 $115.0
& Junior Engineers
Student Fees $515.0 $625.0 $725.0
- 2 or more days
One Day - Student Fee $210.0 $250.0 $300.0
EPH Registration $410.0 $485.0 $585.0
( only if not attending )
Conference Materials Only $385.0 $445.0 $545.0

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