MIT New Space Age Conference

MIT New Space Age Conference MIT New Space Age Conference
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    MIT ASIC Club email;
    50 Memorial Drive, Bld52, Cambridge, MA

  • Keywords

    New Space, Space 3.0, Emerging Space Economy

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    Student; $30 Non-Student; $160

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United States
Cambridge, MA

Want to start a new space company? Join an industry with no limits? Become a space unicorn? Just tired of being stuck on this planet? We are like you. Join us.

As space is rapidly becoming commercial, we are proud to launch this conference as a platform that will advance growth of the private space industry by providing the connection between businesses, academia, funding, and the talent pools of mit, harvard university, university of chicago, and boston university.

Join our top speakers to discuss the drivers for astropreneurship: space accelerators, the role of public organizations and policy makers, development of new generations of satellites, propulsion means, and space habitats, and much more.

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