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The Mars Generation’s Train Like a Martian Challenge allows people to participate individually each day following the activities  posted on The Mars Generation Facebook Page inspired by NASA’s Train Like an Astronaut program* or up to 45 minutes of any activity. Groups are encouraged to participate together, especially in school settings. People will come together worldwide though social media to share their participation and progress using the hashtag #TrainLikeAMartian.


The Train Like a Martian Challenge culminates on April 24th with local events hosted by TMG members, schools, fitness studios or anyone who wants to get involved. People can drop in and join the fun for a short time or the entire event.

April 24th is the same day that Astronaut Tim Peake will run the London Marathon on the International Space Station. The Mars Generation will be cheering for Astronaut Tim Peake while participating in our own fitness challenges the week leading up to the London Marathon as a way to encourage other individuals to see physical activity, STEM education and space exploration in a new way.


The Challenge is helping bring awareness to the importance of health and fitness to a balanced life. While STEM education is our focus at TMG, it is also important to encourage and educate people about healthy living.

The Train Like a Martian Challenge will also be an opportunity for individuals and groups to fundraise in support of the mission of The Mars Generation, including all our outreach programs, our student space ambassador program and space camp scholarship program.


The event is a worldwide event and includes individuals, students, schools, sports teams, community organizations and anyone who wants to get involved.


This event can be participated anywhere in the world, from in a classroom on a playground, inside a living room, on a treadmill or hiking a mountain. Whatever you can do to get active and record your exercise, do it!


Individuals who complete up to 45 minutes of activity everyday between April 18-24th are encouraged to share photos each day on our #TrainLikeAMartian hashtag. Make it a team effort! Join forces and challenge one another on both physical activities and fundraising goals.

The Mars Generation will post daily “Astronaut Exercise Activities” inspired from NASA’s Train Like an Astronaut program* during the week of April 18-24th. NASA is not a sponsor or affiliated with our Train Like a Martian event. NASA creates these materials for anyone to use to encourage physical fitness.

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