14th International Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps 2016)

14th International Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps 2016) 14th International Conference on Space Operations (SpaceOps 2016)
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    KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute)

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SpaceOps 2016

Hosted by KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute) and organized by AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), SpaceOps 2016 is a technical forum of the space operations community that addresses state-of-the-art operations principles, methods, and tools. SpaceOps 2016 (Theme: “Expanding the Space Community”) provides the opportunity for you to share experience, challenges, and innovation solutions with colleagues from around the globe. Held biennially since 1990, the conference will attract technologists, scientists, managers from space agencies, academia and fosters managerial and technical interchanges on all aspects of space mission operations.

Conference attendees can expect:
Encouraging stronger developing countries’ participation in Space Ops activities
Making a personal and technical network with leading-edge space operation experts in academia, government, and industry
Attracting experts, young professionals, and students’ interest to space and state-of-the-art technologies

Conference Topics
Operations Concepts and Flight Execution (OCFE)
Ground Systems, Communications and Data Processing (GSCDP)
Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC)
Mission Design and Management (MDM)
Planning and Scheduling (PS)
Cross Support, Interoperability and Standards (CSIS)
Human Systems and Operations (HSO)
Small Satellite and Commercial Space Operations (SSCSO)
Launcher, Rockets and Balloon Operations (LRBO)
Emerging Space Operations in Asia and Developing Countries (ESO)

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