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With growing external threats to US Space Assets, greater focus on streamlining the MilSatCom acquisition process and a greater desire for international partnering in the US, there will be a great opportunity for the US SatCom community and allies to meet and discuss how greater progress can be made. This forum will bring together the key government and military personnel as well as industry and this will ensure a highly productive and beneficial meet for all parties.

Topics addressed include key aspects of protected SatCom, such as the protected tactical waveform, jam resistance and low probability of intercept. In line with the need to ensure higher resiliency and greater capabilities, also addressed will be the potential integration of ComSatCom for MilSatCom systems, the robustness of networks and the strengthening of MilSatCom architectures for current and future programmes.

The participants at MilSatCom USA will be the most senior decision makers responsible modernising, adapting and procuring new space systems and satellites. They will be joined by high-level space policy makers, experience operational MilSatCom end-users and senior government and military MilSatCom strategists, all with the intention to advance capabilities through greater collaboration with both industry and governments.

The audience will include, but not be limited to: Chiefs of Space, Heads of J6, Heads of C4, Directors of Space Policy, Heads of Network Services, Chiefs of MilSatCom

• Congressman Jim Bridenstine, Rep Oklahoma
• Brigadier General Nina Armagno (Selected for Promotion to Major General), Director of Strategic Plans, Programs, Requirements and Analysis, Headquarters Air Force Space Command
• Winston Beauchamp, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, and the Director, Principal DoD Space Advisor Staff, Department of Defense
• Douglas Loverro, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy
• Jessie Showers, InfrastructureExecutive, DISA
• Deanna Ryals, Chief of International MilSatCom, U.S Air Force
• Joseph Vanderpoorten, Tech Director, MILSATCOM, U.S Air Force
• Michael Laney, Head of International engagement in MILSATCOM, U.S Air Force
• Colonel Jonathon Moelter, Director of J6, U.S SouthCom
• Colonel John McLaughlin, Director of J6 Directorate, US Special Operations Command
• Colonel Jeff Dooling, Director of Space Requirements for Director- General Space, Canadian Armed Forces
• Dr Gregory Edwards, Head of Infrastructure Services, NATO NCIA
• Frigate Captain Jean-Philippe Vautier, SatCom Programme Officer, French Joint Space Command and many more.

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