Course: Planetary Interiors

Course: Planetary Interiors Course: Planetary Interiors
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The school is designed for PhD students, young post-doctoral researchers and engineers working in planetary sciences or instrument development for planetary missions. The school will provide an integrated overview of our current understanding of the interior structure and evolution of planets and satellites, focusing on three complementary modules:

1) Theoretical models,

2) Observational methods and measurements,

3) Space instrumentation.

The school intends to contribute to the development of a new generation of planetary scientists and engineers motivated by two major upcoming missions of the European Space Agency, BepiColombo to Mercury in 2017 and JUICE to Jupiter and its satellites in 2022, and several other planetary missions (including NASA’s JUNO and InSight missions to Jupiter and Mars) designed to probe the interior of planets and moons. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, the school will explain how current and future planetary missions will be able to broaden our knowledge of the interior structure, dynamics, and evolution of solar system bodies. Mission perspectives and challenges on short and longer term will be discussed, and links with exoplanetary research will be explored.

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