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Solar Polarization 8 Solar Polarization 8
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SOLAR POLARIZATION 8, a workshop in honor of Egidio Landi Degl'Innocenti
September 12 – 16, 2016 Firenze, Italy

This is the second announcement of the Solar Polarization Workshop 8 (SPW8), which will be held in honor of the career and work of Egidio Landi Degl'Innocenti in the field of solar and stellar spectropolarimetry.
The aim of the workshop is to highlight and discuss the latest results and advances in the fields of solar and stellar spectropolarimetry. All the main aspects of this discipline will be debated: theory, observations, numerical modeling, and instrumentation. In each session, we expect contributions from scientists active in both solar and night-time spectropolarimetry, in order to promote know-how exchange between the two research fields.

Participants can apply to present a talk (standard or review) or a poster. The preliminary time slot for a review talk is 40 minutes (including 10min of Q&A), that for a standard talk is 25 minutes (including 10min of Q&A). The SOC is ultimately responsible for the selection of the presentations and the allocation of the final presentation time slots. The SOC also has the prerogative to directly invite review and keynote speakers.

Physics of polarization
Numerical modeling of polarization in solar and stellar atmospheres
Polarization measurements: observations, analysis and interpretation
Polarimetry as a diagnostic tool for stellar atmospheres
Polarimetry of the solar corona and of the outer layers of stars
Ground-based telescopes and instrumentation for polarization studies
Polarimetry from space

Registration and abstract submission is open on the workshop webpage.

All the relevant information, including venue and accommodation, can be found in the workshop webpage.

1 June: Last day for early bird registration
1 June: Last day for abstract submission
1 June: Last day for hotel reservation through the SPW8 website

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