Aerospace 2016: The Commercialization of Space

Aerospace 2016: The Commercialization of Space Aerospace 2016: The Commercialization of Space
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    Women in Aerospace
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United States
Washington, DC

Aerospace 2016 is an innovative conference experience will provide attendees with tailored programs specifically for the aerospace community, greater opportunities for building business relationships, and programs that can easily fit into hectic schedules.

Join WIA for an in-depth discussion on the latest technological innovations to drive next generation capabilities as they are being pursued by the government and industry.

- Learn how the U.S. will maintain its military and technological advantage in an era of increasingly constrained budgets.
- Gain insight into commercial practices that can be utilized in government sectors to drive next generation capabilities and competitive advantages.
- Listen to leaders from government and industry explain processes and practices both in place and in development to commercialize existing space applications in the free market.

Currently, we are in the midst of a shift to a commercial space economy where the race for space is stronger than ever. Join the discussion to learn more about:

- How and why private companies are investing in space and disrupter technologies at a rapid pace.
- How the United States will continue to maintain its assured access to space while hearing from Angel Investors to tell us why they are investing so heavily in this new market.

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