East-Asia AGN Workshop 2016

East-Asia AGN Workshop 2016 East-Asia AGN Workshop 2016
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    Seoul National University

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It is our pleasure to announce 'East-Asia AGN Workshop 2016’, which will be held on 22-24 September 2016 in Seoul, Korea. Since the first kick-off workshop in 2012, we annually hosted the EA-AGN workshop, which is intended to encourage close collaborations among AGN researchers in East Asia. Fostering collaborations and developing the network at the current stage is important as we enter the era of large international projects, including GMT and TMT, not to mention the current EA effort on the ALMA and JCMT.

The conference will be on the Seoul National University campus, which can be easily reached from either Seoul-Incheon airport or Gimpo airport. We reserved a block of rooms at the Hoam Guest House, which is conveniently located on SNU campus.

We would strongly encourage you to participate. Please feel free to ask about the workshop.

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