10th East Asian Meeting on Astronomy (EAMA10)

10th East Asian Meeting on Astronomy (EAMA10) 10th East Asian Meeting on Astronomy (EAMA10)
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East-Asia Meeting on Astronomy (EAMA) aims at promoting collaborations of astronomers in East Asia. Since its first meeting in 1990 in China, the EAMA has been indeed providing a place to discuss the ideas and to coordinate the efforts on fostering collaborations among East Asian countries as well as among individuals. The formation of EACOA (East Asian Core Observatories Association) in 2005 was a meaningful output of EAMA. The upcoming 10th EAMA (EAMA10) will be held on September 26-30, 2016 in Seoul, Korea. The astronomical activities in the East Asian region are now quite diverse and more collaborative than ever before, without mentioning individual projects. EAMA10 will contribute to further promoting such activities by discussing regional activities, current and future large facilities, science projects, and astronomy education and public outreach in East Asian countries. As the 10th meeting, it will be also a good opportunity to look back the astronomical achievements of the East Asian region during past 25 years and to foresee its next 25 years.

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