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ISAF 2016 ISAF 2016
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Includes the sector, known to the world in every corner of the industry, and one of the exhibition followed by No. ISAF date of 29 September to 2 October 2016, we carry out for the 20th time in Istanbul Expo Center.

So far, ISAF is organized 19 times, he began his day every year so far, showing growth significantly compared to the previous year from today 20,000 m 2 's size has reached over. Included sector of one organization in the country , Turkey has been the biggest event of the geography of ISAF, however, the growth rate in 20 years, we expect to be a respectable growth rate in the exhibition industry.

Since 2012. " Total Security Solution and Comfort " we use the main concepts of ISAF, Security, Security and Smart Home restructured to include issues. In this configuration, the main purpose; our fair was to prepare our exhibitors and visitors to our world, yet at that time, the industry brought new 4.0 era is the new language.

Today, all over the world, we have entered the 4.0 era has become a phenomenon known industry. Not only when a subject known by experts in the field, we began to study the subject in Marmara Fair Industry 4.0 and IOT. ISAF, which is one of the most relevant exhibition with IOT as a result of this study, this time by even bilinmiyork large part, We have structured accordingly. In this sense, the ISAF logo in 2013, we added our exhibition " Perspective of the Future " has already become the slogan of this period also indicates that prepared compatible.

The underlying cause of the success of the ISAF Fair (Fairs Marmara work in principle) be closely monitored all the technology in the world and is making the correct determination about the future. ISAF is also compatible with the latest trend in the world is structured in 2016.

Smart Solutions (Smart Solutions )

Industry we enter the 4.0 era and modern technology, the " Internet of Things (IOT) / object of communication" with, is experiencing a change in all areas of our lives. Most reflected in the current portion of our lives, this change is taking place in the sectors in ISAF. Therefore, all the contents of the 2016 ISAF operation was planned in accordance with this development.

These plans, in general, our fair is a special section on IOT, we held simultaneously with our exhibition in our conference IOT and Industry 4.0 is spoken and even some of our participants in this new era was to be a showcase available products.

With very rapid developments in technology, in all electronic and electrical equipment it is experiencing a very rapid change. Always having a significant shift from a year pass every product we use. Some of these changes so radical that even if users of these changes and excite once was not stimulate the sector. Overall it experienced in these situations exhibited in ISAF models have also from time to time. However, industrial products and systems with 4.0 era in which it is experiencing very important changes, their users not to excite and stimulate the sector is unthinkable. Therefore, ISAF will be exhibited at the highest level this year, we expect this change still exhibit a sharp rise in the graph.

Visibly, the ISAF clearly we know will be an exhibition, where the change is noticed in addition to our regular participants prepared than our fair this year with great excitement, many new companies will also take place. Likewise our visitors who regularly follow our fair, more so excited to visit our exhibition, a trade fair it will be followed by many new visitors.

Between 29 September to 2 October 2016, the Istanbul Expo Center (IFC) 9-10-11. ISAF we held in halls;
ISAF SECURITY (20th International Security Systems, Services & RFID Exhibition)
ISAF IT SECURITY (5th International Exhibition of Information and Network Security)
ISAF SMART HOME (5th International Intelligent Buildings and Building Automation Fair)

We carry the titles.

2016 ISAF technology we expect to be a full festival, you and your company to take place as a participant in this exciting atmosphere, we invite you to be with us.

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