29th Planetary Congress of the ASE

29th Planetary Congress of the ASE 29th Planetary Congress of the ASE
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The Planetary Congress is ASE's primary forum for professional exchange among U.S., Russian and international astronauts and cosmonauts. It is designed to promote the exchange of space flight experiences and technical information concerning space operations, scientific research, mission development and astronaut training. ASE members meet to review and discuss developments in their respective space programs, to evaluate existing ASE programs and plan future ASE activities. The week-long Congress affords a unique opportunity for communication between members of the international space community, government agencies and the public.

At its Planetary Congress, the Association of Space Explorers presents its Planetary Award, the Crystal Helmet, to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement and understanding of the theme subject of that year's Congress. The ASE also awards Leonov Medallions to honor notables who have contributed greatly to the Association and its aims.

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