GRACE Science Team Meeting

GRACE Science Team Meeting GRACE Science Team Meeting
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    GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

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The GRACE Science Team meeting will be a mix of moderated discussions on specific themes, and contributed presentations on various subjects. The format of the moderated sessions is the responsibility of the respective conveners. The contributed abstracts will be organized by subject, and delivered as either oral or poster presentations. Guidelines for contributed oral presentations and posters are given below.

The meeting will open with a brief Project Status session, which consists of updates on the mission status, and includes future science plans, the flight segment technical status, and status and information on the data releases from the GRACE Science Data System.

Abstracts are solicited from the Science Team members and other attendees for presentations in the areas as described in the session description. Authors may submit more than one abstract. Shortly after the submission deadline, the Meeting Program will be finalized and announced.

Optional, if you have special requirements or suggestions for new data product definition, or on product accuracy, resolution or latency, we invite you to send a 2-page (maximum) summary as a text or PDF file (preferred) to the program committee.

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