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NewSpace Summit NewSpace Summit
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    Gregory Hunter
    United Nations Association of Australia

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With the formation of the Australian Space Agency, a message was sent to the world: Australia has finally taken a step into the final frontier. Today, we widely seek support for this initiative.

The United Nations Association of Australia takes great pleasure in announcing our NewSpace summit, collaborating momentum and excellence from all regions of business and academia.

Through the summit, we aim to inspire, educate and empower those interested in helping Australia make this giant leap.

The future of a growing space economy has great potential for furthering the sustainable development of your agencies; the NewSpace summit will showcase opportunities for those involved in medicine, law and business. Additionally, we seek the involvement of STEM students and academics.

Australia is now in a prime position to lead an expansion into space. The United Nations Association of Australia looks forward to assisting in this ambitious and rewarding endeavour.

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