4th Quantum Technology Workshop

4th Quantum Technology Workshop 4th Quantum Technology Workshop
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An increasing number of Quantum Technology commercialisation funding programmes are emerging, whose aim it is to bring novel quantum technology products to market.
Consumer products based on quantum physics effects are not new and are, in fact, ubiquitous. Microprocessors, solid-state imaging devices, and lasers are based on:

-the quantum behaviour of charge carriers in solids—semiconductor physics
-the stimulated emission of coherent radiation—lasers

Advances in experimental techniques and equipment over the past few decades have enabled the manipulation of single quantum objects (photons, atoms) to harness more advanced, subtle, aspects of quantum mechanics: superposition and entanglement.

Presently, Quantum Technology commercialisation programmes aim at turning these well known but little used effects into commercial products and help create the associated supply chain. Technology development programmes at ESA have traditionally helped push terrestrial technology innovation and, at the same time, greatly benefitted from existing terrestrial high-end technology supply chains.

The purpose of the workshop is to follow on to last year's workshop and for ESA to identify possible areas of collaboration for the implementation of Quantum Technologies in space with the Quantum Technology commercialisation programmes that have recently emerged within the ESA member states.

The workshop will focus on the progress made since last year. In particular, we would like to highlight:

-New initiatives
-New collaborations
-New goals, new strategic developments
-New technical developments
-Emerging markets, both commercial and institutional