Space Resources Professional Course

Space Resources Professional Course Space Resources Professional Course
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    International Space University
    Chambre de Commerce de Luxembourg
    Chambre de Commerce 7, Rue Alcide de Gasperi Luxembourg Kirchberg
    phone: +33 3 88 65 54 30

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    ISU, SSP, International Space University, Space Mining

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    € 500

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“The Space Resources Professional Course represents a unique opportunity to learn from world experts about the latest developments in this dynamic and growing field of study that is so crucial to the future of exploration and development of space.”

Dr Mathias Link – Director International Affairs –

This course provides a broad overview of the space resources field, including the current knowledge of available resources in the Solar System, identification, collection, extraction, processing, and utilization systems under development, economic and technical feasibility studies, legal and policy issues, and space exploration architectures and commercial ventures that may be enabled by utilizing extraterrestrial resources in the near future.

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:


  1. Identify types, technology components, and potential customers of space resources
  2. Explain the state of space resources exploration, availability, and technologies associated with their identification, recovery, extraction, processing, and utilization
  3. Assess current technological, economic, and policy challenges in space resources
  4. Compare and contrast methods of space resource utilization
  5. Analyze technological solutions, economic models, and policy positions in space resources
  6. Create a space resources utilization plan that incorporates knowledge of resources found in space, the technologies needed to extract and process them into useful products, and the customers of these products