NASA Space Apps Challenge Brescia

NASA Space Apps Challenge Brescia NASA Space Apps Challenge Brescia
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    Chiara Chiesa
    MO.CA Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni Via Moretto, 78, Brescia, Province of Brescia, Italy

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    hackathon, nasa, tech,space,data

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Since its inception in 2012, NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge has become the world’s largest global hackathon, engaging thousands of citizens across the globe to use NASA’s open data to build innovative solutions to challenges we face on Earth and in space.

Space Apps inspires local communities to come together, think intensely, and create solutions to important problems. Each year, Space Apps engages thousands of individuals in cities around the world to work with NASA’s open source data in a 48-hour sprint. Teams of technologists, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, and others collaborate to answer some of the most pressing challenges on Earth and in space.

The Nasa Space Apps Challenge lands for the second year in Brescia!

Take part in this worldwide competition of ideas, find solutions to spatial and terrestrial problems using spatial data and win fantastic local and global prizes!

Regardless of your skills or your education, take your laptop and join us! Your ideas and your skills can change the world! (Yes, even if you are really bad at math!). Thirty ”hackers” will be able to participate! Participation in the event is completely free. Anyone can participate, without age limit, children under the age of 13 must be accompanied and carry out the competition with the accompanying persons.

In order for a project to receive an award or be eligible for global assessment, it must be presented on this website via the project page and written in English. The project will be open source.