Training Seminar: Securing Positioning & Timing

Training Seminar: Securing Positioning & Timing Training Seminar: Securing Positioning & Timing
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    Louisa Chanter
    Royal Institute of Navigation
    Edinburgh International Conference Centre - Lammermuir Room The Exchange Edinburgh EH3 8EE United Kingdom
    phone: +44 7557 682910

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    GNSS, Positioning, Training

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Course Purpose

To build understanding of how to Protect, Toughen & Augment your system or application. 

  • Protect: identify, locate, and classify threats;
  • Toughen: add resilience to the antenna or receiver; 
  • Augment: fuse GNSS with alternative sensors.

Who is it for?

This course will include technical content but is pitched to be accessible to a wide audience that includes integrators, application teams and informed users.

  • Those wanting to improve knowledge and skills in relation to assured positioning and timing
  • Critical infrastructure providers with some reliance on satellite-derived time or position
  • Autonomous vehicle / drone users and system designers who want to understand global navigation satellite system (GNSS) vulnerabilities steps to improve performance
  • Those wanting to know what practical steps can be taken towards a more secure positioning and timing system
  • System and application designers and users wanting practical information to understand best practices for positioning and timing resilience


Course delegates are invited to attend a networking reception at Akva, Edinburgh, after the training. Delegates from the following RIN International Navigation Conference will also attend.

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