5th China International Commercial Aerospace Forum

5th China International Commercial Aerospace Forum 5th China International Commercial Aerospace Forum
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China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum is the first professional forum in the field of commercial aerospace in China. Started in 2015, the forum has been held for four consecutive years. It has laid a milestone in the development of China’s commercial aerospace and provided an exchange and cooperation platform for comprehensively displaying the development of commercial aerospace industry.

The fifth China (International) Commercial Aerospace Forum will be held on November 19-20, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei province, China. The forum aims to gather elites and quality resources in the field of commercial aerspace to discuss technological achievements and innovative ideas, explore development paths and boost industrial resoruces integration and rapid development of the commerical aerspace industry. The invited participants include leaders of related departments from major space countries at home and abroad, as well as leaders from leading commercial aersopace enterprises, scientific research institutes, universities & colleges, social organizations, and investment and financing sectors.

This forum will also host an exhibition, which will focus on commercial launch services, satellite development, space information application, upstream and downstream cooperation, investment and financing and other fields, comprehensively displaying the latest development results of domestic and foreign commercial aerospace industry

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