Copernicus and Artificial Intelligence - Industry Workshop

Copernicus and Artificial Intelligence - Industry Workshop Copernicus and Artificial Intelligence - Industry Workshop
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    European Commission
    Auditorium - Breydel Building 45 Avenue d'Auderghem, Brussels 1040

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    Copernicus, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Earth Observation

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What do the Copernicus programme and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have in common? Large amounts of data.

As one of the largest Earth Observation data providers, Copernicus archives contain a wealth of data and information that play a decisive role for policy support and in many economic and industrial areas.

To be developed, AI requires vast amounts of data. It works by identifying patterns in available data and then it applies this newly acquired knowledge to new data. The larger the data set is, the better AI can learn and discover.

Synergies between Copernicus and AI seem self-evident. Bringing AI technologies that scale at the Petabyte level and Copernicus together is a unique opportunity to develop a new generation of products and services based on Copernicus data assets. An opportunity that Europe will not pass up.

In order to build these bridges (in the public and private sector), the European Commission’s Communication ‘Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence’ (COM(2018)795 of 07/12/2018) requires actions to be triggered.

The “Copernicus and Artificial Intelligence” workshop will talk about EU programmes, as well as the challenges and opportunities of connecting Copernicus, its data assets and stakeholders to the digital world.