Space Technology Conclave Thiruvananthapuram

Space Technology Conclave Thiruvananthapuram Space Technology Conclave Thiruvananthapuram
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    SpacePark Kerala
    The Raviz Kovalam, TVM, India

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    New Space, India

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New Space – Opportunities

With the advancements in New technologies, space Industry is going through a significant transformations. Large Missions are giving way to constellations, Private investments are coming into the domain, innovators and researchers are investing in rapid commercialization of  their ideas are some such trends. On the demand side, private consumers are expanding for Space Tech services like never before. Traditional Govt. run programme are likely to be taken up by private organisations , and we are expected to witness an exponential growth in the Space Tech Industry.

The global space industry today is worth $ 250 – 300 B . The US, Russia, and a few European countries are the biggest stakeholders of this billion-dollar industry. Historically, investments into space have been highly regulated due to the inherent risks of such investments and the long cycle time for realising any returns. With new technology infusion, and  higher level of participation in applied research, the New Space industry is expected to bring down cost of  development and operations to significantly low numbers, and increase the value significantly and therefor bringing a more prosperous space economy for all.

Space Technology Conclave

The conclave is conceived with an objective to bring together International Space-Tech Companies, Space Industry bodies and agencies, Start-ups, Innovators, Academicians and investors together to deliberate, interact and explore opportunities of collaboration and / or co-creation. The Opening edition of the conclave has set the Theme “ New Space – Opportunities and way forward” to specifically focus on the Opportunities for New Space domain. The conference will provide immense opportunities for Companies to pursue new Business opportunities, for investors to explore partnerships and agencies to look at collaboration opportunities between the various key stakeholders

SpacePark Kerala

It is in the context of Private space Tech industry growth that Government of Kerala has come forward with an idea of setting up a unique ecosystem under its SpacePark initiative. Through this initiative, government plans to create an ecosystem that will benefit Start-ups, Innovators, MSMEs and researchers. One of the important elements of building such an ecosystem is to build International collaboration and partnerships. These partnerships will enable the New Space businesses, start-ups, investors and industry at large to explore newer areas of collaboration, global market access, deep technology exchanges and business models.