Space Mission Design Training

Space Mission Design Training Space Mission Design Training
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    Open Cosmos, Space Generation Advisory Council, Eureka Geo, OpenStreetMap Cameroun, Gimerc Consulting

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    SGAC, SPACE237, spaceinafrica, Africa, Cameroon

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Space missions are becoming cheaper and smaller, making space increasingly accessible to more players. This workshop serves as an introduction to the key concepts of space mission design. You will learn some of the theoretical concepts relevant to satellite missions, and have the ability to apply these concepts via several hands-on exercises. Using online space mission design software, we’ll show you that designing your satellite mission should no longer be considered rocket science.


  • People working on satellite applications or using space data,
  • People thinking of using satellite technology for their applications,
  • Startup entrepreneurs thinking of using space data,
  • Startup, entrepreneurs thinking of designing space instruments,
  • Anyone interested in the basics of space mission design.