Earth & Space 2020 - Engineering for Extreme Environments

Earth & Space 2020 - Engineering for Extreme Environments Earth & Space 2020 - Engineering for Extreme Environments
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17th International Conference on Engineering, Science, Construction & Operations in Challenging Environments

This event will explore the cutting edge in engineering, science, construction, and operations for extreme environments on Earth and in Space. Plan to attend and connect with experts and leaders in civil engineering, construction, architecture, aerospace engineering, in-situ resource utilization, planetary science and more at the Earth & Space Conference.

Join Us for Earth & Space 2020

This conference aims to bring the experience and knowledge of experts in the aerospace industry together to share and discuss the latest research and engineering techniques that affect the exploration and settlement of space. Presentations will be made in multiple concurrent symposia over three days. Topics will include granular materials in space exploration, exploration in the utilization of extra-terrestrial bodies, advanced materials and designs for aerospace and terrestrial structures under extreme environment, structures in challenging environments, and Space engineering, construction, and architecture for Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Top Reasons to Attend:

  • Discussions on the exploration and utilization of various planetary bodies
  • Presentations on the development of engineering structures to be used in aerospace environments and other terrestrial applications which are subject to extreme environmental conditions
  • The application of Civil Engineering concepts and technologies to aerospace environments
  • Great networking opportunities

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