7th Space Resiliency Summit

7th Space Resiliency Summit 7th Space Resiliency Summit
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    Nick Liberato-Randall
    phone: 2012108804

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    space, dod, defemse, military, government, space force, faa, air force, space development agency, sda, hybrid space architecture,

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Online, from Alexandria, VA

The 2020 Space Resiliency Summit encourages members of the DoD, Intelligence Community, industry and academia to discuss initiatives aimed at maintaining US superiority in the space domain. This year’s summit will examine the policies and strategies required to enhance the U.S’ supremacy of the space domain. Speakers will address the need for a robust proliferated space architecture, increased cybersecurity, accurate missile detection capabilities, and sophisticated payloads. Discussions will also center on the progress of the realignment of US Space Force, US Space Command, and the US Space Enterprise.

Topics to be covered at the 2020 Summit:


  • Developing US Space Strategy in an Era of Great Power Competition
  • Maintaining and Enhancing the US Competitive Edge in Space
  • Effectively Addressing the Challenges of a Contested and Congested Space Environment
  • Delivering Space Combat Power in Defense of Vital National Interests
  • Developing and Acquiring Resilient and Secure A-PNT Systems
  • Expediting the Space Acquisition System to Deliver New Capabilities to the Warfighter
  • Encouraging and Promoting Commercial Space Launches to Advance US Interests