NewSpace Industrialization

NewSpace Industrialization NewSpace Industrialization
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Training course
Online, from USA

In the summer of 2020 the US Space Force, Air Force Research Laboratory, and Defense Innovation Unit published a report on the importance of establishing an industrial base to sustain US economic and military leadership in space. Shortly after, Deloitte announced a memorandum of understanding to develop a master plan that identifies the required infrastructure, human capital development, governance and financing necessary to support the United States Space Force mission and position California as a global leader in the future of the commercial space industry. The next space industrial base is headed to southern California.

While innovative technologies, commercial applications, and new business models drive the commercial space economy, return on investment is by and large realized by well-established aerospace primes and select NewSpace companies. For NewSpace startups to experience the same ROI the industry itself must continue to develop. For new players to succeed and grow from startup to maturity there must be a better marketplace, increased demand, and greater economies of scale. This online event will bring together leaders in NewSpace for an in-depth executive discussion on how to establish a sound NewSpace industrial base.