3D Bioprinting in Space

3D Bioprinting in Space 3D Bioprinting in Space
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    European Space Agency

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    3D Bioprinting

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ESA, DLR, and TU Dresden are organising a 2-day workshop to further explore and discuss the topic of 3D Bioprinting in Space on 15 and 16 March, 2022, in Dresden, DE. 

More information can be found in the draft announcement flyer in the attachments (scroll down). A final programme and more information on registration will follow in January 2022. 


In the afternoon of Day 2 of the 3D Bioprinting in Space workshop, splinter discussions will be organised and moderated around the most important topics and applications of 3D Bioprinting in Space. In particular, the main aim of the splinter discussions will be to focus on knowledge gaps to be addressed in 3D Bioprinting research to facilitate the utilisation of 3D Bioprinting in Space. 

To this aim, ESA is planning to release a ground-based 3D Bioprinting Announcement of Opportunity through which important precursor and preparation activities can already be carried out on ground to best prepare for the space-based research.