Spaceagenda 2.0 lift-off

Welcome to SpaceAgenda

Since the dawn of the space age in the 1950s, the science and aerospace communities have brought people together in various places in order to discuss, exchange and learn about the latest developments in space exploration and the benefits of science and technology.

Our company’s service contributes to connecting people in the aerospace and science communities by providing information about events of interest happening all around the globe in a single website.

The events are displayed in a searchable database divided into four main categories of space, aviation, defense and telecommunications, type of events and geographical location. Other science and technology events relevant to aerospace activities are also included such as automotive, engineering, information technology or medical conferences, trade shows, workshops or training.

The growing challenges faced by our globalized and interconnected society, the large increase in space stakeholders and the start of ambitious private and public initiatives such as plans for larger satellite constellations, wider scopes of applications and ambitions to send manned missions to explore other planets have brought the aerospace sector to a new level. SpaceAgenda is stepping up to the challenge of multi-stakeholders, wider programs and audiences and offers a global platform for reaching out to the traditional aerospace community as well as its new comer providers and users.