Ecosystems 2030 Summit

Ecosystems 2030 Summit Ecosystems 2030 Summit
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    Universidad de Granada
    Palacio de Congresos de Granada Paseo del Violón, 18006 Granada, Spain

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    Future, Innovation

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Ecosystems 2030 is the premier interdisciplinary forum for top executives, thought-leaders and futurists to present cutting-edge technology, innovation strategies, trends and research to a diverse and far-reaching audience including influential individuals from global industry, academia and the high echelons of government. Join us for one of the most transformational events of the year.

Shaping the future

A defining element of the Summit is the prospect for all involved to engage in a live in-depth discussion and debate around future technology challenges, opportunities and resulting new economies during our intimate Breakout Sessions program. Invaluable insights from our diverse audience will be published in a ground-breaking Ecosystems 2030 report that aims to influence the thinking of top decision-makers and shape the future for the better.

New ideas

The vibrant, authentic and genuinely unconventional narrative cultivated at the Summit will create new intersections of disciplines, markets and technology spaces, and encourage industry leaders, subject-matter experts, and brave minds to step out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves and envision novel approaches to reshape the status quo.

Evocative wonders

Enjoy a private tour of the surrounding villages of Granada to explore local artisan products and indulge in the brilliant landscapes of Southern Spain. Experience an unforgettable evening of celebration at the majestic Alhambra Palace, one of the most evocative historical wonders of the world, reserved exclusively for Ecosystems 2030 participants.