Don't miss this month:
  • IAU XXIX General Assembly

    Meeting in Hawaii, United States

    In August 2015, astronomers from all around the globe will gather for two weeks at the IAU General Assembly at the Honolulu Convention Center, Oahu, Hawaii, to discuss and evaluate their most recent discoveries and observations, to make decis… Read more!

  • 5th CEAS Air & Space Conference

    Conference in Delft, Netherlands

    CEAS 2015 will be a joint event combining the 5th CEAS (Council of European Aerospace Societies) Air & Space Conference and the 12th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education (EWADE). CEAS 2015 will be a unique opportunity for aerosp… Read more!

  • Statistical Challenges in 21st Century Cosmology (COSMO21)

    Meeting in Chania, Crete, Greece

    Rationale: During the past 20 years there has been a resumption of a dialogue between astronomers and statisticians. This dialogue has been fruitful and has been the origin of a new discipline that is now widely called Astrostatistics. The ma… Read more!

July 2015

August 2015
Start End Title Type Country / City
2015-07-03 2015-07-05 thumbThe Third UNISEC-Global Meeting Workshop flag Japan
2015-07-04 2015-07-10 thumbJoint Conference : 30th ISTS, 34th IEPC & 6th NSAT Symposium flag Japan
2015-07-06 2015-07-10 thumbLunar Workshops For Educators Workshop flag United States
Greenbelt, Maryland
2015-07-06 2015-07-11 thumbGalaxy Clustering within Euclid OULE3 Conference flag Italy
2015-07-07 2015-07-07 thumbExoplanet and the Kepler Mission Update Seminar flag United States
2015-07-07 2015-07-09 thumb9th IAA Symposium on the Future of Space Exploration Towards New Global Programmes Symposium flag Italy
2015-07-07 2015-07-09 thumbGood Health: Impact of Space Science on Precision Medicine Conference flag United States
Boston, MA
2015-07-08 2015-07-08 thumb2001 An Odyssey Revisited Meeting flag United Kingdom
Vauxhall, London
2015-07-08 2015-07-08 thumbFinding Beagle Seminar flag United Kingdom
2015-07-11 2015-07-11 thumbCreativity in the Aerospace Industry Other flag United States
2015-07-12 2015-07-16 thumb45th International Conference on Environmental Systems Conference flag United States
2015-07-13 2015-07-15 thumbThe UK Space Conference 2015 Conference flag United Kingdom
2015-07-13 2015-07-31 thumbCopernicus I - Space Science Laboratory Training course flag Hungary
Chateau Bercel
2015-07-13 2015-07-17 thumbCoimbra Space Summer School Training course flag Portugal
2015-07-13 2015-07-17 thumbPathways Towards Habitable Planets II Conference flag Switzerland
2015-07-15 2015-07-25 thumbCosmology School Kielce Training course flag Poland
2015-07-16 2015-07-16 thumbThe Future Space Leaders 2015 Meeting flag United States
2015-07-16 2015-07-17 thumbThe von Kármán Lecture Series: 2015 Seminar flag United States
2015-07-16 2015-07-18 thumbNEWSPACE2015 Conference flag United States
2015-07-18 2015-07-18 thumbMoon Day 2015 Outreach event flag United States
2015-07-18 2015-07-19 thumbGalactic Fête Other flag United Kingdom
Wembly, London
2015-07-18 2015-07-18 thumbLunar and Planatory Laboratory Seminar flag United States
2015-07-20 2015-07-20 thumb6th Lunar and Small Bodies Graduate Conference Conference flag United States
2015-07-25 2015-07-25 thumb70th Annual General Meeting Meeting flag United Kingdom
Vauxhall, London