Conference Events

Start End Title Type Country / City
2019-01-22 2019-01-23 11th Conference on European Space Policy Conference Belgium
2019-01-31 2019-02-06 42nd Annual Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference Conference United States
Breckenridge CO
2019-02-04 2019-02-05 Network Centric Warfare 2019 Conference United Kingdom
2019-02-11 2019-02-12 Space Cost Engineering Conference Conference Netherlands
2019-02-14 2019-02-15 Global Space and Technology Convention 2019 Conference Singapore
2019-03-04 2019-05-10 Dynamical Models for Stars and Gas in Galaxies in the GAIA Era Conference United States
Santa Barbara CA
2019-03-04 2019-03-08 Dusting the Universe Conference United States
Tucson AZ
2019-03-14 2019-03-15 Systems Biology 2019 Conference Netherlands
2019-04-02 2019-04-04 Microwave Technology and Techniques Workshop (MTT’19) Conference Netherlands
2019-04-04 2019-04-06 2nd International Conference on Astronomy, Astrophysics & Astrobiology Conference New Zealand
2019-04-15 2019-06-28 Better Stars, Better Planets: Exploiting the Stellar-Exoplanetary Synergy Conference United States
Santa Barbara CA
2019-04-24 2019-04-26 Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries (GLEC 2019) Conference Morocco
2019-05-04 2019-05-10 Dynamical Models for Stars and Gas in Galaxies in the Gaia Era Conference United States
Santa Barbara CA
2019-05-13 2019-07-19 The New Era of Gravitational-Wave Physics and Astrophysics Conference United States
Santa Barbara CA
2019-05-13 2019-05-17 New Horizons in Planetary Systems with ALMA Conference Canada
2019-05-15 2019-05-16 2nd European Chemistry Conference Conference Netherlands
2019-05-20 2019-05-22 Space Tech Expo 2019 Conference United States
Pasadena, California
2019-06-06 2019-06-09 International Space Development Conference 2019 (ISDC19) Conference United States
Arlington VA
2019-06-10 2019-06-13 SAE 2019 Noise and Vibration Conference & Exhibition Conference United States
Grand Rapids, Michigan
2019-07-01 2019-07-04 8th European Conference for Aeronautics and Space Sciences (EUCASS) Conference Spain
2019-07-22 2019-07-26 9th International Conference on Mars Conference United States
Pasadena CA
2019-07-28 2019-08-09 Understanding cosmological observations Conference Spain
2019-07-28 2019-07-30 6th International Conference on Space Science and CommunicationAdvancing Space Science for Societal Sustainability Conference Malaysia
2019-07-29 2019-08-02 TESS Science Conference I Conference United States
Cambridge MA
2019-08-19 2019-08-23 Stars and their Variability, Observed from Space – Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of BRITE-Constellation Conference Austria
2019-08-19 2019-08-23 Extreme Solar Systems IV Conference Conference Iceland
2019-09-15 2019-09-20 Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics IX Conference Germany
2019-09-22 2019-09-25 SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition - 37th Annual Conference United States
Orlando, Florida
2019-10-28 2019-10-31 4th Young Professionals in Space Conference (YPS) 2019 Conference United Arab Emirates
2019-11-19 2019-11-21 Space Tech Expo Europe 2019 Conference Germany
2020-01-06 2020-01-10 AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition (AIAA SciTech 2020) Conference United States
Orlando, Florida