Lunar/Meteorite Certification Workshop

Lunar/Meteorite Certification Workshop Lunar/Meteorite Certification Workshop
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Outreach event
United States
Kennedy Space Center, FL

Bring the Apollo Legacy to your Classroom by attending the Lunar/Meteorite sample certification session at Kennedy. Learn hands on activities that can be utilized in your classroom and give your students access to view and explore some small portions of these “extraterrestrial” materials. This session will cover big ideas including but not restricted to Earth in space and time, Earth structures and Earth system patterns. Students will also recognize that the universe contains many billions of galaxies and stars. Student will compare various historical models of the Solar System, including geocentric and heliocentric. Door Prizes! Targeted audience: Grades 6-12. Registration: send an email to and include School Name, grade level, or call (321) 867-4090. All attendees will receive NASA educational resources and materials. NOTE: To be eligible for workshop classroom educational products, educators must be certified and currently employed at an accredited school as a classroom teacher.