Yuri's Night 2010 Vienna

Yuri's Night 2010 Vienna Yuri's Night 2010 Vienna
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    Maria Pflug-Hofmayr
    Werbeagentur meta-physik e. U.
    Museumsquartier - Raum D - Quartier 21- Museumsplatz 1
    phone: +43 680 1228244

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    Yurisnight, yuri, gagarin, space, party, austria, spaceforum

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Yuri’s Night is a celebration of humanity’s achievements in space. Each April 12, people from around the world come together to mark the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space (in 1961) and the first launch of the US Space Shuttle (in 1981). Everyone can participate, so come and join us in celebrating our past–and our future–in outer space!

In Austria Yuri's Night is organized by Der-orion.com in cooperation with the Austrian Space Forum.