Grand Canyon Star Party (North Rim)

Grand Canyon Star Party (North Rim) Grand Canyon Star Party (North Rim)
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    Steve Dodder
    Saguaro Astronomy Club
    phone: 602-390-0118

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Outreach event
United States
Grand Canyon, Arizona

Each year, for one week, the National Park Service allows a group of amateur astronomers to set up their telescopes for the enjoyment of the visitors. The astronomers stay up far into the night, as long as there are people there and objects to see, just to show the general public the splendor of the night sky. Since 1991, there has been a public star party at the South Rim, and since 1994 one at the North Rim as well. These events were coordinated to coincide with each other, the dark of the Moon and the busiest time of year for the public. Sponsored by the Tucson Amateur Astronomers Association, the South Rim has been a huge success with the public and the park personnel. The North Rim event is now sponsored by the Saguaro Astronomy Club and promises to be just as successful.