7th ESA Round-Table on MNT for Space Applications & 6th CANEUS Workshops

7th ESA Round-Table on MNT for Space Applications & 6th CANEUS Workshops 7th ESA Round-Table on MNT for Space Applications & 6th CANEUS Workshops
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The International Week on Micro & Nano Technologies for Space 2010 is an event organized jointly by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the CANEUS International Organization to be held at ESTEC (NL) on September 13-17, 2010. This unique event builds on the previous six ESA round-tables on MNT for space and five CANEUS World Conferences and Workshops.

ESA Round-Table on MNT for space

Already widely used in Earth-bound applications, Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT) present important advantages for space applications like Earth observation, navigation, communications and scientific missions by:

  • Fostering new types of scientific missions and instruments
  • Reducing cost, size, mass and time from mission conception to launch
  • Increasing performances, reliability and redundancy.

As end-user, the European Space Agency (ESA), is promoting the use of state of the art technologies for space applications by inviting you to attend and contribute to the “7th ESA Round-Table on Micro & Nano Technologies for Space Applications”.

Over 200 experts participated in each of the previous round-tables. The audience is expected to include members from national delegations, space agencies, space and MNT industries, research centres and universities in multiple roles as users and as providers of MNT-based equipments and systems.

CANEUS Workshops

CANEUS workshops are dedicated to fostering international collaboration on the development of advanced micro and nanotechnologies (MNT) from concepts to ultimate infusion into next generation aerospace systems. The CANEUS Workshops take a practical approach to efficiently overcoming the challenges associated with matching aerospace application needs with the new capabilities offered by emerging micro and nanotechnologies.  The workshop program emphasizes measurable deliverables with lasting impact for the aerospace industry.

Over 250 world experts from Europe, the Americas, and Asia participated in previous CANEUS Conferences and Workshops to address the current and future needs of the aerospace industry, state of the art in micro and nanotechnologies, government and private investment for concepts-to-systems development, and policies such as ITAR and export control regulations that affect international collaborations.