Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium

Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium Aerospace Mechanisms Symposium
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This symposium is concerned with the problems of design, fabrication, test, and operational use of aerospace mechanisms. Emphasis is on hardware developments. The symposium provides both a social and technical forum for personnel active in the field of mechanisms technology. The symposium attracts papers and attendees internationally.


• Mechanisms for commercial, military, government, or scientific spacecraft/aircraft, and related test and support facilities. Includes antenna, sensor, solar sail, solar array or instrument deployment; release & pointing mechanisms; steering mirrors & payload mechanisms; gimbals; EVA mechanisms; robotic systems; separation mechanisms; utility transfer; & momentum/reaction wheels.
• Space tribology, bearings, gears, or mechanism lubrication papers containing test data.
• Studies related to mechanism technology including:
  - new actuators, dampers, sensors, release devices
  - studies of reliability, redundancy, and lubrication
  - studies of thermal and space vacuum effects

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