The 5th meeting on Cosmic Dust

The 5th meeting on Cosmic Dust The 5th meeting on Cosmic Dust
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    Hiroshi Kimura
    Center for Planetary Science (CPS)

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This is the fifth meeting on Cosmic Dust. This series of Cosmic Dust meetings aims at finding a consensus among experts on the formation and evolution of cosmic dust: where it comes from and where it goes. The meeting is organized by dust freaks who are very enthusiastic not only to make the goal achievable but also to establish a dust community across Asian and Oceanian countries for the development of cosmic dust research worldwide. For this reason, the primary objectives of the meeting are to bring together professionals who deal with cosmic dust and to provide an opportunity for participants to develop human relations and interactions between the participants.


All kinds of cosmic dust such as

  • intergalactic dust
  • interstellar dust
  • protoplanetary disk dust
  • debris disk dust
  • cometary dust
  • asteroidal dust
  • interplanetary dust
  • circumplanetary dust
  • stellar nebular condensates
  • presolar grains
  • micrometeorites
  • meteoroids
  • meteors
  • regolith particles