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 Destination Station exhibit  Destination Station exhibit
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Starting Monday, June 10, residents of Seattle and surrounding areas are invited to experience NASA's Destination Station exhibit, which showcases what it's like to live aboard the International Space Station. The exhibit will be hosted at the Pacific Science Center, with dozens of activities taking place throughout the city.

Destination Station is an outreach effort by NASA to share, educate and inspire the public about the International Space Station. The space station is a multinational research facility and the largest spacecraft ever built. It is an official U.S. National Laboratory where astronauts and scientists from around the world conduct experiments in fundamental life, physical, Earth and space science, as well as human health, technologies for space exploration and the improvement of life on Earth. The exhibit will remain at the Pacific Science Center until Sept. 2, and will then move to the Museum of Flight on Sept. 6, where it will remain until Dec. 4.

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