223rd AAS Meeting

223rd AAS Meeting 223rd AAS Meeting
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    American Astronomical Society
    2000 Florida Avenue, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC 20009-1231
    phone: 202-328-2010 ext. 106
    fax: 202-234-7850

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United States
Washington, DC

This will be a joint meeting of the AAS and its High Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) and Historical Astronomy Division (HAD). Not surprisingly, the program is absolutely jam-packed. By now all AAS members surely know that education and career workshops are offered on the weekend preceding the official start of the conference, but even regular attendees will be surprised at the unprecedented number and variety being offered in DC in January. Among them are the second annual AAS Astronomy Ambassadors Workshop for early-career members seeking resources and techniques for effective outreach to K-12 students, families, and the public and the Center for Astronomy Education’s increasingly popular Tier I Teaching Excellence Workshop for current and future astronomy and space-science instructors eager to ensure their effectiveness in the classroom.