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    space data dissemination, space data routers, delay tolerant networks

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NETworking technologies for efficient SPACE data dissemination and exploitation

Space data volume is increasing as new missions generating scientific data are launched. That said, the necessary mechanisms for disseminating and exploiting space data are not yet in place. Therefore, networking technologies supporting the efficient dissemination of space data should not be considered as a peripheral issue but rather as an urgently-missing mechanism. Submissions are invited in, but are not limited to, the following areas:


  • Space applications with increased data dissemination requirements
  • Multi-mission space applications
  • Current approaches and policies in space data dissemination and exploitation
  • Delay/disruption-tolerant networks (DTNs)
  • Architecture, design, implementation, and evaluation of communication systems for space
  • Security/privacy concerns and solutions in space communications
  • Novel space mission objectives based on new networking technologies


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