2014 Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop

2014 Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop 2014 Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop
  • Contact

    Lisa Binder
    The Aerospace Corporation
    2310 E. El Segundo Blvd., M1-450, El Segundo, CA 90245, USA
    phone: 1-310-336-6804
    fax: 1-310-563-2469

  • Keywords

    thermal control, thermophysics, heat pipe technology, thermal modeling, cyrogenic, thermal test methods

  • Registration costs

    Workshop (Tue.-Thurs.) = $60, Optional Session (Mon.) = $20

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United States
El Segundo, CA

The objective of this annual workshop, now in its 25th year, is to provide the aerospace community a forum to share new technology developments, analytical techniques, and lessons learned in spacecraft thermal control. Sessions at this year's workshop will address aspects of spacecraft thermal control including:

• Thermal Design
• Test Methods and Applications
• Heat Pipe Technology
• Advanced Analysis Methods and Techniques
• Advanced Thermal Control Hardware

The Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop plays a critical role in today’s space industry, fostering communication among representatives from industry, government, and academia. The workshop highlights the latest trends in spacecraft thermal management, technology needs and drivers, and encourages an understanding of how thermal science and engineering are being applied toward mission success today and into the future. The 2014 Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop will be held at The Aerospace Corporation (El Segundo, CA) from Tuesday, March 25 through Thursday, March 27.

The companion 18th Workshop on Thermophysics in Microgravity will precede the 2014 STC Workshop on Monday, March 24. Main topics include progress in fundamental research in thermal control technologies and flight applications for recent or upcoming missions. These technology discussions focus on single and two-phase flow technologies, convective and conductive heat transfer applications in microgravity, innovative thermal control devices, advanced thermal control concepts for future missions, spray cooling, and the latest developments in thermal control coatings.

Who should attend the 2014 Spacecraft Thermal Control Workshop? Thermal engineers, systems engineers, program office managers, and professors or students involved in thermal sciences research. Representatives from industry, academia, government, and the military are encouraged to attend.

Workshop Committee:
General Chair: Tung Lam
Administrative Chair: John McHale
Technical Chairs: Sonny Yi, Jeff Cha, Kelvin Cheung, and Ed Fong
Organizational Chair: Leslie Peterson

Abstracts (due Jan. 28, 2014) and general questions may be submitted to the workshop mailbox at: stcw.mailbox@aero.org. Abstracts should be limited to 200 words and should include the presentation title, author name(s), mailing address, phone number, and email address.

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