DASIA 2014

DASIA 2014 DASIA 2014
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    Nathalie ALECTON
    avenue de Ségur
    phone: 33144420070

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    Software Engineering: Lifecycle Phases, Methods and Tools: Requirements, design, coding, integration and test, Case Tools, Coding Languages, Design Methods, Prototyping, In circuit testing, Simulation, Reverse Engineering, Process Modeling, ASIC design methods and tools, CAD, Reuse, COTS/OTS, Checkout, Real time aspects and Runtime Kernels, Data Handling System Architectures: Processors, Bus systems Performance, Reliability, Security, Distribution, Autonomy, High Speed, high performance support, Fault Tolerance System, Communication facilities, Command and Telemetry facilities, AOCS, sensors, propulsion systems, Launchers, Satellite Operations On-board and On-Ground segments for Satellite and Manned Space Systems Small Satellites, Micro-satellites and Constellations, Guidance, Navigation and Control, Image and Signal Processing, Earth Observation/Remote Sensing/GIS, Remote sensing application: Meteorology, forestry, agriculture, Communications, Energy, Defence, Transportation, Trains, ships, aircraft, Marine and submarine applications, Traffic

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The focus of the conference is covering technical and managerial aspects of developing, operating and maintaining systems and components related to data handling including monitor and control for aerospace – h/w and s/w, space/air and ground – and for other applications of similar demands for high reliability and complexity e.g. remote sensing, telecommunication, transport, navigation and energy.
The range of themes is from strategies, methods and tools to components, systems and applications. It covers technical as well as managerial aspects of specification, development, integration and maintenance.