Summer School Alpbach 2014

Summer School Alpbach 2014 Summer School Alpbach 2014
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    Michaela Gitsch
    Sensengasse 1, A-1090 Vienna

  • Keywords

    Summer School on Geophysics of the Terrestrial Planets

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    € 400

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Would you like to use engineering and/or science to address solutions to problems that can only be addressed by space missions? If yes and if you are a university student of one of the ESA member states, consider applying to the Summer School Alpbach.

This year, sixty European engineering and science students will be chosen to participate in the 38th year of the Summer School Alpbach tradition, a ten day learning opportunity held in the beautiful Austrian Alps. Accepted participants will be engaged in an in-depth learning experience. Over ten days participants will attend stimulating lectures on various aspects of space science and technology and will work intensely within a smaller group to define and design a space mission, all under the supervision of noted scientific and engineering experts within the field.

The topic of the Summer School Alpbach differs from year to year. This year the focus will be on the geophysics of the terrestrial planets. Participants will conceive and design space missions that will improve our understanding of the geophysics of the solid planets: their cores, their mantles and the characteristic structures and dynamics of the solid planetary bodies. You and your team will be responsible for selecting and researching the problem to be addressed by your space mission, for cooperatively working with team members to meet difficult deadlines, and for developing your own working style.

You will be exposed to some real-life challenges, such as 20-hour working days (before proposal submission) and an expectation that you are able to immediately apply knowledge and techniques that you have only recently been exposed to. You will also have to handle the trials of establishing and maintaining an international and multi-disciplinary team composed of both scientists and engineers. You will need to balance scientific objectives and requirements with the realistic constraints of mission-design, spacecraft-design, and mission cost.

On day ten of the Summer School, each team presents their mission designs to a jury of experts. Occasionally, these designs have actually gone on to represent real space missions in ESA.

If you are willing to embrace the challenges and rewards of the Summer School Alpbach, we look forward to receiving your application.

Expected Learning Outcomes:
In summary, Summer School Alpbach participants …
• Will be invited to view space as an exciting and challenging enterprise
• Will be challenged to overcome the trials and reap the rewards of working in an international and multi-disciplinary team
• Will be exposed to a range of scientific topics relevant to designing space missions
• Will learn to balance scientific objectives and requirements with the realistic constraints of mission-design, spacecraft-design, and mission cost
• Will develop the ability to work together as a team towards the common goal of preparing presentations and reports under incredible time constraints
• Will forge long-term friendships that might eventually evolve into professional collaborations later in life
• Will enjoy the unique and enriching “Alpbach experience”.

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