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What is CLTP?
The CanSat Leader Training Program(CLTP) was established in 2010 to contribute to capacity building in space technology and improve teaching method based on space engineering education.
Education using CanSat will be expected to prevail in more than half of nations (about 100 nations) in the world by the year 2020.

1st CLTP : Feb 14-Mar 20, 2011@Wakayama Univ
2nd CLTP : Nov 14-Dec 14, 2011@Nihon Univ
3rd CLTP:Jul 17 -Aug 20, 2012@Tokyo Metropolitan Univ
4th CLTP :Jul 22 -Aug 16, 2013@Keio Univ

General Information
The participation fees for the CLTP5 is JY1,000,000 for those from Academics and JY1,500,000 from Industries. The fees include CLTP educational materials, accommodations, insurance during CLTP5 and transportation from/to the designated hotel and the program venues. Participants are responsible for their own travel and living expenses.

Expected Participants
Academic researchers who belong to universities or research institutes from outside Japan and company employees (We hope the CLTP5 may become one tool to offer them new opportunities as employee education & training programs.)

Application/Background Assessment Submission Deadline:
Friday, 28 February 2014 (Japan Standard Time 17:00)

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