Finding Beagle

Finding Beagle Finding Beagle
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Finding Beagle

But was Beagle 2 ever ‘lost’? This is the personal view of Terry Ransome, who first met Professor Colin Pillinger in the Matra Marconi Space offices in Filton in the mid 90s, and who put together the first ideas and cost estimates for a verification and test programme to fly a UK-built lander to Mars. Colin’s ideas eventually came to fruition, and Terry turned out to be the last person on Earth to ‘touch’ the Beagle 2 Probe before it headed off to Mars in June 2003. The news in January 2015 that Beagle 2 probably did land on Mars and ‘almost’ sent its long-awaited signal back to Earth, was a huge relief to Terry. In an entertaining talk Terry will tell of his delight at visiting the Baikonur Cosmodrome, some of the untold secrets of what actually happens in a launch campaign, and how Beagle2 was finally “found”.

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