Weather on Other Planets

Weather on Other Planets Weather on Other Planets
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    The British Interplanetary Society
    27/29 South Lambeth Road,Vauxhall ,London SW8 1SZ
    phone: 02077353160

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    This Specialist Discussion Meeting is open to all; admission is free for RAS Fellows, £15 for non-Fellows (£5 for full-time students).

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This meeting gathers together many of those researching the nature of the atmospheres and meteorology of the other planets of the solar system. The ‘weather’ in space between the planets due to the sun’s plasma emissions is also dealt with. Another speaker looks further afield at what the atmospheres of planets orbiting distant stars (Exoplanets) might be like. The emphasis is on how the measurements are made, directly from Earth, from orbit around the planets and by landers on their surfaces. What the measurements tell us about the very varied meteorology of the planets and their moons is then discussed. This meeting summarises the current views and findings of a rapidly developing new science driven by complex technology.

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