An Evening with Ken Bowersox

An Evening with Ken Bowersox An Evening with Ken Bowersox
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Come and hear all about Space missions with a real NASA astronaut and a former Director of Kennedy Space Center – get the chance to ask your (rocket) burning questions.
Being an astronuat - Ken Bowersox (Former NASA astronaut)

Ken is a NASA astronaut with experience of five Space Shuttle Missions, two as Commander and a long duration Space mission as the Commander of the International Space Station. Ken has been a Space Shuttle pilot, conducted science experiments in Space, carried out Space walks and was involved in the Hubble Space Station repair mission. He has travelled ~85 million miles in Space in 211 days. He was a US Navy test pilot and has been Vice President of SpaceX. Currently a member of the Board that advises NASA on the development of the human Space programme and Chair of NASA’s Human Space Exploration Committee, he will talk about his astronaut experiences.

From Gemini to the Space Station - Jay F. Honeycutt (Former Director of Kennedy Space Center)

Jay will join us via live video conference from Florida to talk about his senior NASA experience on Gemini, Apollo, being the Director of Kennedy Space Center, President of Lockheed Martin Space Operations and his role in the post Columbia disaster work of NASA.

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