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The National Aerospace Educational Center of Youth of Ukraine, acting in the interests of the National Space Agency of Ukraine, the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine, advanced the initiative of holding the annual youth Scientific and Practical Conference "Human and Space" with a view to:
Searching for, associating and supporting gifted young people; promoting the interest in research activity in the domain of cosmonautics, space education and other branches of science and engineering directly related to space, among students, postgraduates and young scientists;
Assisting in subsequent introduction of results of scientific investigations of young people in the engineering and technological developments, and elaboration of specialist training program in aerospace industry;
Efficient introducing the State policy in rocket and space production, under conditions of market reforms; using the national space infrastructure for implementation of the Government Program of aerospace education of Ukrainian youth.
The Conference is a forum of young scientists and professionals who linked their future work with space science and rocket production. Year by year, the Conference gathers the ever-growing number of young people from Ukraine and other countries, captivated by space. In fact, creation of space vehicles and launchers in the second half of the previous XX century has determined the main content of the scientific-technical thought of the present century, along with the aviation, power industry, and information technologies.

Given the fact that today’s rocket and space branch faces the urgent problem of human resources and increasingly greater attention is given to this problem both in Ukraine, in Russia and in the Western European countries, this Conference can be considered the most efficient tool of the young people’s involvement in practical research.

Students, postgraduates, young professionals and young scientists are invited to participate in the Conference.

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