Global Conference on Space and the Information Society - GLIS

Global Conference on Space and the Information Society - GLIS Global Conference on Space and the Information Society - GLIS
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The IAF is proud to announce its newest event in the frame of the IAF Global Series Conference, the Global Conference on Space and the Information Society – GLIS 2016, co-organised by the IAF and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The GLIS 2016 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, on 6 and 7 June 2016 and will feature an intense programme, comprising an Opening Event, 5 Plenary Sessions and a Wrap-up Session. The main purpose of GLIS 2016 will be to examine and discuss the different means by which space allows people to connect worldwide. GLIS 2016 will analyse in details the impact that space policies, space technologies and space applications have on the daily life of people, organisations and governments communicating and exchanging information around the world.

The Conference will feature an Opening Event, a Wrap-up Session, and 5 Plenary Sessions (PE):

PE 1 – The ITU and its Impact on Space Activities

PE 2 – Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the Contributions of Satellite Communications

PE 3 – Space Services and Security

PE 4 – Space Economic meets Information economy

PE 5 – Big data – Information Society


‘Big Data’ issues to be discussed at GLIS 2016

The Global Conference on Space and the Information Society – GLIS2016 will analyze how Space is affected by big data in numerous ways; in that, it is a producer of big data sets - e.g. the European Earth Observation and Monitoring System Copernicus; it is confronted with the transmission of big data sets - e.g. Satellite Communication Systems, and it is itself a user of big data sets - e.g. by multi-temporal data analysis, data management and information extraction technologies.

A special plenary on Big Data will be deeply discussed during the GLIS 2016. This panel, moderated by Mr. Norbert Frischauf from SpaceTec Capital Partners, will address the opportunities and challenges that come along with the use of big data from, with and for space systems. Renowned experts from the EC, ESA, the Italian Space Agency, EUTELSAT, the University of Vienna and a well-known law firm in Cologne will provide insights into the ongoing discussions and will present options and ways ahead to better utilize the benefits of big data for the human society. Among others will be present Prof. Roberto Battiston, Italian Space Agency (ASI) President, Dr. Josef Aschbacher, ESA’s Head of Program and Planning and Dr. Ingo Baumann, Lawyer/Partner at BHO Legal.

GLIS 2016 will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from 6 -7 June 2016 at the headquarters of the International Telecommunication Union – ITU.

Members of the press are invited to register for the GLIS 2016 to ensure that they receive accreditation. Please send confirmation of your registration to so that we can ensure that you are properly accredited.

Looking forward to meeting you at #GLIS 2016!

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